You dont have a soul, you are a soul, you just have a body.
C.s lewis
Swear to shake it up, if you swear to listen Oh, we’re still so young, desperate for attention I aim to be your eyes
Panic at the disco
Hate it.

I hate how 8 is now sleeoing in for me…


Lifes full of bad situations and ignorant people that will bring you down. This world is full of hate and discontent, and well it all sounds depressing right? But the point of life is to find the joy in the sad times and the good times. So wear an :D whenever phisically possible cuz we are just that awesome


As its slowly aproaching i find myself not nearly excited as last year.. to be honest it doesnt even feel like the christmas season. D:

This song means alot to me and austin carlile is the besttt vocalist but imma be better one day ;)

Friends dont make secrets

I found it out. Your dirty secret. Imma scream it at the top my lungs and watchout cuz the train wrecks comn. The melt down is imminent. Trick you dont even know whats out there. Stay blissed in ignorance cuz in the end im the winner. I got the right of way and my insurance is got it covered. Enjoy your new boots


Had a dream last night. It was all for you. You fell over me. Problems came and now your gone. Stay out my dreams we’re done here.

Tat it up.

I need some tattoo ideas.. i want one verry bad. Help?


Working for and as a band is possibley the most fun and inspiring way to earn money. It’s not about the cash it’s the joy in playing.